Development Permits

An application for Development Permit can be found here attached to the policy

Development Permits are issued by Smoky Lake County, pursuant to the Land Use Bylaw, as amended.

Why do I need a development permit?

The development permit can ensure that the development is set back the appropriate distances from property lines. Setbacks are also required to ensure that the development is located in a safe place so that it isn’t too close to a road, steep slope, water body, oil and gas facilities, etc.

How long does it take to get a development permit?

It is important to plan ahead and submit your application well in advance of starting the development. According to the Municipal Government Act, a Development Authority has 40 days in which to make a decision on a completed development permit application. The 40 days begins after all of the necessary information has been provided.

If a proposed development falls into the Permitted Use classification, a Development Permit can typically be issued within the 40 day time limit. Although, if your proposed development falls into the Discretionary Use classification according to the Land Use Bylaw, approximately 2-4 months may be required to obtain a Development Permit (including the appeal period).

**No development shall take place within the County unless an Application has been approved and a Development Permit has been issued by the Development Authority.**