Métis Crossing Solar Project

November 27, 2023: Salay Prayzaan - 'A gift from the sun: Métis Nation of Alberta solar farm could power 1,200 homes'

Read the September 27, 2022 news release here: https://albertametis.com/news/metis-nation-of-alberta-announces-construction-phase-of-4-86mw-solar-generation-project-to-be-established-at-metis-crossing-smoky-lake/ 

The Métis Crossing Solar Project is a collaboration between two municipalities, the Town of Smoky Lake and Smoky Lake County; and an Indigenous community, the Métis Nation of Alberta.

This project will see the development and installation the 4.86 MW Métis Crossing Solar Project, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and generate economic and community benefits for the partnering communities. The Métis Crossing Solar Project will be the most northern grid connected solar generation project of significant size in Alberta once construction is complete.

The Project is receiving a $3.9 million investment from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre.

“The Town of Smoky Lake and the Métis Nation of Alberta have a long history of collaboration, including this project. The Métis Crossing Solar Project will be a crucial economic development and infrastructure project for our local community. We are excited to see this project move forward.”-- ADAM KOZAKIEWICZ, CHIEF ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER, TOWN OF SMOKY LAKE

“We are thrilled that our project will receive this important investment from the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre through our partnership with the Town of Smoky Lake on the Municipal Community Generation Challenge. The Métis Crossing Solar Project is an important step for the Métis Nation of Alberta in taking meaningful action on climate change, while creating economic and social benefits for Métis Albertans.” -- AUDREY POITRAS, PRESIDENT, MÉTIS NATION OF ALBERTA

“The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association is pleased to see the Town of Smoky Lake receive this funding contribution for the Métis Crossing Solar Project, which demonstrates a respectful partnership between local municipalities and the Métis Nation of Alberta. This project will be the most northern grid-connected solar generation system of significant size in Alberta and will generate countless economic and social benefits for the town, county, and Métis Nation of Alberta.” -- BARRY MORISHITA, PRESIDENT, ALBERTA URBAN MUNICIPALITIES ASSOCIATION 

Project Goals

The key goals of the project are:

  • developing a 4.86 MW solar system that will offset the electricity used by Métis Nation of Alberta operations across Alberta, 
  • funding social and economic development initiatives and programs to benefit Alberta Métis using a portion of Métis Crossing Solar Project profits,
  • providing significant tax revenue to Smoky Lake County,
  • adding benefits to the municipal partners’ communities through its open ownership structure and creation of a local community development fund, and,
  • serving the local communities energy needs and reducing congestion on current transmission infrastructure now, and in the future with geographic distribution of large scale generation.

Benefits to Alberta

The successful implementation of this technology and the knowledge generated could create the following benefits for Alberta: 

  • Economic opportunity
    • Several communities will see economic benefits from project investment, tax generation, job creation, and revenues.
  • Reducing costs 
    • As maintaining current energy infrastructure costs represent a larger share of consumer energy costs, community generation will help avoid further infrastructure investments and cost increases.
  • Reducing volatility 
    • Geographic diversity in renewable generation effectively firms the overall generation mix, reducing the need for peaking generation resources and improving the viability of storage as an alternative to peaking generation.

Knowledge Transfer Plan

For the benefit of all Albertans, the project partners will share key learnings and celebrate the solar project’s success using the Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning as a hosting place for school field trips and adult programming. 

The Métis Nation of Alberta plans to use the Centre and the solar PV system to engage over 10,000 students and adult learners in renewable energy, climate change and energy efficiency annually, starting once the solar system construction is complete.

Learn more about the Métis Crossing Solar Project in the Project Showcase.

For more information, contact: Town of Smoky Lake, Phone: (780) 656-3674 / http://smokylake.ca/