Economic Development

Smoky Lake Region logo in brown and green font with a tree branch on the left side

The Regional Community Development Committee (RCDC) is an economic development committee composed of Smoky Lake County, the Town of Smoky Lake and the Village of Vilna. 

Smoky Lake’s Regional Community Development Committee (RCDC)  is guided by the 2007-2027 Strategic Plan created by our community.

We strive to deliver the following strategic priorities:

      1. Improve the Region's Economic Development Capacity

      2. Diversify the Region's Economy  

      3. Promote the Economy 

      4. Attract New Residents to the Region

     5. Maintain the Region's Quality of Life

     6. Protect the Region's Natural and Historic Assets

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View the 2021 RCDC Strategic Plan Report Card

View the 2020 RCDC Strategic Plan Report Card

The Community Economic Development Officer (CEDO) is responsible for developing, facilitating and promoting plans, projects and initiatives that contribute to the development of the Smoky Lake Region and its economy.