Fire Permit Information

Fire Permits

A simple spark can start a fire. Depending on conditions and the speed that those conditions change, even a small fire can get out of control quickly.

Other than a campfire or County approved incinerator (burn barrel), any person lighting an open fire for burning debris or any other purpose must have a valid fire permit. Getting a permit from the County is a way of making us aware of your desire to burn, lets our emergency services department know why they might be receiving calls for smoke in the air, and gives us the opportunity to help you ensure your burn is safe and effective. 

Fire permits may be cancelled at any time by the Fire Chief should burning conditions change. Fire permits will not be issued when a County-wide fire ban is in effect. 

Fire permits are required year round and there is NO CHARGE for obtaining a permit. 

Fire Permits can be obtained by calling the Smoky Lake County Fire Chief at 780-656-3730. 

Responsible Burning

  • Do not burn when winds are gusting higher than 15 kilometres per hour.
  • Make sure you have the tools, including sufficient water supply, to manage the fire.
  • In the event that smoke would cause a hazard to visibility while burning, 'Smoke Signs' must be posted.
  • Do not conduct burning over underground utility lines. 
  • Always cover your burn barrel/incinerator with 6 mm (1/4”) or smaller metal mesh screen.
  • Position your burn barrel/incinerator at least 30 meters (100 feet) away from any structures or standing timber.
  • When you are done, make sure your fire is completely extinguished.

You do not need a fire permit for an attended fire that is lit in an approved fire pit for recreation, cooking, or warming purposes. 

Ensure the area around the fire is clear of debris - including overhanging tree branches. Keep campfires away from structures like sheds, houses, decks and patios, ensure your fire is attended at all times and always completely extinguish the fire when done. 

YES! A Fireworks Permit is required. Fireworks permits are required year round and there is NO CHARGE to obtain one.

 Fireworks shall not be discharged when there is a fire advisory or fire ban in place.  

To obtain a fireworks permit please call Smoky Lake County Fire Chief at 780-656-3730. 

Safe, burnable debris includes:

  • paper and cardboard
  • straw and stubble
  • grass, weeds, leaves and tree prunings/ tree harvesting operations
  • brush and fallen trees on newly cleared land or logging operations
  • used power and telephone poles that do not contain wood preservatives
  • wood material from the construction or demolition of buildings which does not contain wood preservatives or laminates
  • wood material from agricultural operations which does not contain wood preservatives
  • solid waste from post and pole operations that does not contain wood preservatives

You cannot burn any flammable waste that, when burned, may result in the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere. This includes but is not limited to the following: 

  • animal carcass and manure
  • non-wooden material
  • waste material from building or construction sites
  • oils, wood or wood products containing substances for the purpose of preserving wood
  • paint or painting materials
  • combustible material
  • tires
  • rubber or plastic
  • used motor oil