Planning Documents

Plans In Effect in Smoky Lake County

Planning & Development in Smoky Lake County is subject to a number of pieces of legislation, regulations, and bylaws. 

This schematic reflects the interlinking relationships each document has with one another.  

Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA) 

Alberta Land Titles Act

Alberta Public Lands Act 

Alberta Safety Codes Act

Alberta Land Stewardship Act 

    Alberta Land Use Framework

  • North Saskatchewan Regional Plan. (Currently in development.)
  • For more information click here.

Integrated Watershed Management Plans (IWMPs)

Inter-municipal Development Plans 

Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Bylaw 1249-12 (Consolidation 1.6)  

Area Structure Plans 

Land Use Bylaw 1272-14 (Consolidation 1.14)

Other Planning Bylaws

Planning and Development Policies

Other Planning Documents

Other Information