Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Smoky Lake County's 2023-2025 Strategic Plan outlines Smoky Lake County Council’s vision for the future of the municipality. 

This plan will serve as the roadmap Council is choosing to take for the current term and beyond. 

The 2023-2025 Strategic Plan can be found here.

Priorities Progress Report- As of January 2024

Smoky Lake County Council identified some of their values as: 

1. Healthcare – Council values the continuing access to the George McDougall and Vilna Health Centres by all residents in our region and the increasing of services for more advanced healthcare services. 

2. Emergency Services – Council values a safe community where all County residents have access to locally sourced full-service police, fire and EMS services. 

3. Education – Council values the prospect to allow residents to access dual credit opportunities/ advanced education programs provided by colleges and also values the equality of education opportunity for County residents. 

4. Cultural Diversity – Council values the need to continue to accommodate, attain, build and grow the perception of being an open and culturally diverse community. 

5. Recreation – Council values the existing recreational opportunities and facilities for all our residents and seeks to explore enhancements to these facilities. 

6. Housing Diversity – Council values and recognizes the needs of our residents for diversified housing opportunities to allow our community to grow.