Public Notices

Proposed Bylaw 1453-23

TAKE NOTICE THAT in accordance with sections 216.4, 606 & 692 of the Municipal Government Act, the Council of Smoky Lake County is giving consideration of Bylaw 1453-23: 

• To define and provide specific provisions for Supportive Living Facilities; 

• To establish a Supportive Living Facilities Direct Control (DC2) District; 

• To rezone the lands legally described as River Lot 15, Victoria Settlement, from Victoria Commercial (C2) District to Supportive Living Facilities Direct Control (DC2) District. 

A Statutory Public Hearing will be held in relation to Bylaw 1453-23, both in-person and via videoconference on Thursday, December 14, 2023, at 9:15 a.m. (or as soon as practical thereafter) at: Smoky Lake County Council Chambers, 4612 McDougall Drive, Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0 or online:      Meeting ID: 527853925 or via phone: 1-844-511-2074 

In-person Speakers: If you intend on participating in person, you are encouraged to pre-register for the Public Hearing by contacting Legislative Services at 780-656-3730.

Speakers participating through Telus Business Connect videoconference:
If you wish to speak at the Public Hearing via videoconference, you are asked to register 24 hours prior to the opening of the Public Hearing by contacting Legislative Services at 780-656-3730. This is to ensure that virtual participants receive instructions to access the videoconference.

Requirements for all Speakers:
All speakers will be given a 5-minute time limit and are encouraged to provide a written copy of their submission in advance of the Public Hearing.

Written Submissions: 
All interested parties are encouraged to express their views by providing a written submission to Legislative Services by email at

Persons wishing to view the Bylaw and/or the Public Hearing are invited to attend in person or view the Meeting at the County website at

A copy of the proposed Bylaw can be viewed HERE. 

Questions? Contact:
Jordan Ruegg or Kyle Schole, of Planning & Development Services
Smoky Lake County at 780-656-3730 /

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act: By submitting comments on this bylaw, either orally or in writing, the personal information you provide may be recorded in the minutes of the Public Hearing, or otherwise made public. This information is collected in line with section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you have any questions, please contact the Smoky Lake County Access and Privacy Officer at 4612McDougall Drive Box 310, Smoky Lake, AB T0A 3C0, 780-656-3730, or